Ultralight-weight material systems / 超軽量材料システム

Styrofoam etc. are put to practical use as lightweight materials, but ultra lightweight materials approaching air density are under study and there are rarely those which have been put into practical use. The mechanical strength decreases as the density of material decreases. We are aiming at improving the mechanical strength of ultra lightweight materials by selecting the appropriate material, optimizing the structure and system design. In addition, we are developing the new functional materials with various functions added to ultra lightweight materials.

軽量材料として, 発泡スチロール等が実用化されていますが, 空気密度に迫る超軽量材料は研究途上で, 実用化に至っているものはほとんどありません. 材料の密度が低下するにつれて, 機械強度は低下しますが, 適切な材料の選択と構造最適化, システム設計を施すことで, 超軽量材料の機械強度の向上を目指しています. さらに超軽量材料に様々な機能を付与した新規機能材料の開発を進めています.